Something In Between – Melissa de la Cruz

De la Cruz, M. (2016). Something in between (1st ed.). New York, NY: HarlequinTeen. ISBN: 9780373212385. Paperback. $6.26

Annotation: Jasmine always worked hard to move forward in life and now she feels like she is being pulled backward. Discovering she is an illegal immigrant means no college or job until she becomes a citizen, but she has to discover who she is now that she is no longer who she thought she was.

Something in between is a story about Jasmine de los 28688476Santos, the girl who has everything. She’s beautiful, popular, intelligent, and has been invited to dine with the president of the United States. A National Merit finalist, Jasmine is accepted and awarded scholarships from the schools she has applied. Until her parents come clean. Jasmine isn’t just a child of immigrants, she’s an illegal immigrant, born in the Philippines and raised in the US. She can’t go to school or accept scholarships and may even be deported. Jasmine no longer knows who she is. Not American or Filipino, Jasmine feels she’s something in between.

I think we all know how important a story about immigration is right now. In America, it is something we’ve built our lives on. Whether you or your parents are for immigration or not, the purpose of the story, Something in Between is to show that immigration is not just a political topic, it’s living people. I like that Something in Between humanizes such a heated issue, and if you like a coming of age story with love, well, what’s not to like?

Awards: TBA

Here is a video of Melissa talking about the book and why it was written. I like that she has authority to write and talk about Jasmine’s story. Look through Melissa’s Instagram Page to see more updates on her books!



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