Rapunzel’s Revenge – Shannon & Dean Hale, Illus. by Nathan Hale

Hale, S., Hale, D., & Hale, N. (2014). Rapunzel’s Revenge (1st ed.).
ISBN-13: 978-1599902883. Paperback. $9.84

Annotation: Rapunzel has lived a comfortable life with Mother Gothel, but something feels off about the way people treat Rapunzel. After discovering who her real mother is, Rapunzel becomes an outlaw to rescue her birth mother and take down Mother Gothel.

2626492Rapunzel always thought she knew who she was. She even thought she knew who her mother was. Nope. Wrong. After looking past the wall that her pretend mother created she discovers that life past the mines and desert is actually wonderful and beautiful. After learning that Mother Gothel has Rapunzel’s real mother locked up, Rapunzel wants revenge. Shown in vivid color on every page, Rapunzel becomes an outlaw, using her long flowing red hair as a weapon against her enemies. The wanted posters start showing up saying: WANTED: DEAD OR ALIVE. RAPUNZEL For horse thieving, kidnapping, jailbreaking, and using her own hair in a manner other than nature intended! (Hale, S., Hale, D., & Hale, N., 2014). With the help of her new friend Jack, who can’t get his goose to lay any golden eggs, Rapunzel is looking to defy Mother Gothel and rescue her mother. Can these two misfit outlaws beat Mother Gothel? There’s only one way to find out.

Rapunzel’s revenge is a great graphic novel for a wide variety of ages and I could see both teen girls and boys reading it. I think younger teens would like it the most because it is very transitional in subject matter, style, and vocabulary for students who loved graphic novels and picture oriented chapter books. It would also appeal to audiences who like fairytale retellings, old western stories, or Disney movies. I also really enjoy that every page is in color and that the physical copy of the graphic novel is slightly larger than normal, about 10”x12”. The drawings add so much texture to the setting and plot that it would also be a great introductory graphic novel book to students who have a harder time reading them. I would recommend that readers get a copy from the library first because it is a series and they may want to see if they like it before they purchase, but it isn’t too expensive at $9.84.

Award Nomination: Dorothy Canfield Fisher Children’s Book Award Nominee (2010)

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Here is commissioned animated video for the graphic novel:


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