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My name is Hilary and I am a severe binge reader.cropped-fabephoto.jpg


I wasn’t always a reader, though. In fact, I used to hate reading as a kid. This blog will focus on books I think you can get reluctant readers to read and enjoy.  There are various genres covered here, but as this is for a class, I had to pick a focus, which horror. In literature, “horror” is defined, much like the word, which is something that evokes fear, dread, or dismay, which for many people can be anything. Many people can equate the “horror” genre to monsters, and thanks to many popular “horror” novels the genre is usually called Fantasy Horror, Paranormal Horror, or Thriller/Suspense/Horror because people find different things frightening, which is described by the Horror Writers Association (2009).



That being said: Not every book is meant for everyone, so I hope to provide options for those who need or want books to read. Don’t be afraid (haha) of trying different books. Like trying on clothes, you have to figure out what is good to you.


Tamora Pierce. My. Idol.

As I said above, this blog is for school, but it’s also a place I can obsess about books. Fair Warning.


*P.S. If you ever need Homework Help, here is a link to a LibGuide I created for such a thing. It has links to websites to help with English, Math, Science, College Prep, etc.

YA Homework Help



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