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The Hunt – Andrew Fukuda

Fukuda, A. X. (2012). The hunt. New York, NY: St. Martin’s Griffin.ISBN: 9781250005144. Paperback. $8.32.

10913887Annotation: In a vampire world, Gene has to hide that he is really human. Joining the hunt with vampires to find scarce human blood, Gene has to use all of his knowledge about keeping his identity a secret in order to survive.

There’s no blood left and in a world of vampires, that’s a problem. Gene, though, isn’t a vampire. He’s just good at pretending to be one of them. He’s trained his body and his mind to move and think like one of them. But as blood becomes more and more scarce Gene has to work harder to “fit in” and risk being devoured. So, naturally, he joins the hunt with a group of vampires looking for human blood. Then Gene meets a girl, and she’s the first person he can see a future with. The question remains: Can they survive the hunt?15787790

Andrew Fukuda takes a new spin on the modern vampire story, almost a reverse Dracula. Much like Dracula, these vampires aren’t fun, happy-go-lucky characters, but ruthless hunters. The world is very dystopic, yet a very familiar and Gene is a complex character that you want to root for. This series would be great for male teen readers who like horror/action novels, such as The Maze Runner or Alex Rider, but for an older crowd. This series is more expensive and the first is a little harder to find, so I would suggest getting it for free at the library to see if you like it first.

Awards & Nominations: 2013 Georgia Peach Book Award for Teen Readers — Young Adult (Nominee),  2013 RT Book Reviews — Top Pick.

You can find Andrew Fukuda on Twitter, Facebook, or Personal Author Page

Here is the official US trailer for The Hunt:

And here is the official UK trailer for The Hunt:

And here is a snippet of the audiobook:


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Hex Hall – Rachel Hawkins

Hawkins, R. (2010). Hex hall. New York: Disney/Hyperion Books. ISBN:9781423121305. Paperback. $4.99.

Annotation: Sophie has always known she was different because of her Warlock father, but it isn’t until she uses her powers in front of normal humans that she realizes how much. At Hex Hall Sophie is still pretty different and realizes that she may be the only one looking for the true person or being who is harming other students.

What if you had powers? Sounds fun right? Wrong. So wrong. After a bad prom night where Sophie reveals her magical abilities to normal humans, she’s being exiled. Where? Hex Hall, a place for freaks like her. On her first day she gains a vampire roommate, a crush, and three model pretty enemies. Sophie finds out, though, that her roommate, the only person she gets along with, is suspected of attacking students at school. But Sophie isn’t buying it. In fact, she’s pretty sure she knows who is harming the students and hopes to clear her roommate’s name.

Hex Hall is the first in a trilogy, so Sophie and her friends and frenemies have room to grow. I liked this series because it combines a lot of different mythical creatures with other lore, to allow for easier world building of Hex Hall. If you like City of Bones by Cassandra Clare or even Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead, you might like this book. Since it is a series, as always, check it out at your local library before you buy it in case it isn’t to your taste.

Award: Popular Paperbacks for Young Adults (2012).

You can find more from Rachel Hawkins on her Tumblr & Twitter, which she updates frequently. You can also access this Goodreads profile for the Hex Hall series.



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Raised By Wolves – Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Barnes, J. (2010). Raised by wolves (1st ed.). New York, NY: Egmont USA. ISBN: 9781606840597. Paperback. $7.26.

6905534Annotation: Adopted by an Alpha after her family is killed by a werewolf, Bryn has always felt like an outcast of the pack. Bryn always believed she knew who attacked her family until she finds there are more teens like her out there and the attacker is still on the loose.


What if the past wasn’t repeating itself? What if it had never stopped? Bryn has always been different. As a human in the a werewolf pack, you’re used to different. She’s always known that the Alpha adopted her because a rogue werewolf killed her family when she was four; she had always assumed that rogue had been caught or killed. It isn’t until Bryn meets Chase on accident, a boy locked in a cage of the Alpha’s house that she realizes she assumed wrong. The rogue werewolf is still out there.

I love Jennifer Lynn Barnes mostly because she always writes such strong, Buffy the Vampire Slayer- like, female characters. She’s also good at world building and Raised by wolves is no exception. So if you enjoy novels by Richelle Mead or Andrea Cremer, you may also like this book. Since it is the first in the series and rather inexpensive, you can feel less guilt buying it or feel free to get it from your library if you are unsure. You never know with a series.

Awards & Nominations: Romantic Times Reviewers’ Choice Award (RT Award) Nominee for Best Young Adult Paranormal/Fantasy Novel (2010).

You can find Jennifer on many social media platforms including Twitter, Tumblr, & Facebook.

Here is an interview of Jennifer about Raised by Wolves:

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