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The Hunt – Andrew Fukuda

Fukuda, A. X. (2012). The hunt. New York, NY: St. Martin’s Griffin.ISBN: 9781250005144. Paperback. $8.32.

10913887Annotation: In a vampire world, Gene has to hide that he is really human. Joining the hunt with vampires to find scarce human blood, Gene has to use all of his knowledge about keeping his identity a secret in order to survive.

There’s no blood left and in a world of vampires, that’s a problem. Gene, though, isn’t a vampire. He’s just good at pretending to be one of them. He’s trained his body and his mind to move and think like one of them. But as blood becomes more and more scarce Gene has to work harder to “fit in” and risk being devoured. So, naturally, he joins the hunt with a group of vampires looking for human blood. Then Gene meets a girl, and she’s the first person he can see a future with. The question remains: Can they survive the hunt?15787790

Andrew Fukuda takes a new spin on the modern vampire story, almost a reverse Dracula. Much like Dracula, these vampires aren’t fun, happy-go-lucky characters, but ruthless hunters. The world is very dystopic, yet a very familiar and Gene is a complex character that you want to root for. This series would be great for male teen readers who like horror/action novels, such as The Maze Runner or Alex Rider, but for an older crowd. This series is more expensive and the first is a little harder to find, so I would suggest getting it for free at the library to see if you like it first.

Awards & Nominations: 2013 Georgia Peach Book Award for Teen Readers — Young Adult (Nominee),  2013 RT Book Reviews — Top Pick.

You can find Andrew Fukuda on Twitter, Facebook, or Personal Author Page

Here is the official US trailer for The Hunt:

And here is the official UK trailer for The Hunt:

And here is a snippet of the audiobook:


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The Revenant – Sonia Gensler

*Not the nonfiction book or it’s adaptation with Leonardo DiCaprio.

Gensler, S. (2013). The revenant. New York: Ember. ISBN:978-0375861390. Paperback. $7.16.

Annotation: Willie never thought she’d be a teacher on an Indian Reservation, but running away never leads where you expect. She starts to hear a voice of a spirit, a revenant they call it, in her room, and her only option is to finish what the spirit started.

What is a Revenant? That’s something Willie finds herself asking after she starts to hear a moaning voice in her room on the Indian Reservation. See, Willie has running away from her New England home and gone to teach on the Reservation. When the spirit of a boy who recently died seems to be haunting her Willie has to try and find a way to get him to move on. But there are secrets on the Reservation, like how this boy died and who does he have unfinished business with? Willie knows it isn’t her, but she is the only one who seems to be listening to the Revenant.

I enjoyed this spooky historical fiction ghost story not only because it shows us a time period we rarely see in teen fiction, but also because was based historical events and culture. I am not generally a fan of ghost stories as you will see in my video, but this one had so much meaning behind it. I actually think anyone who enjoys a good mystery and historical fiction will like this one, although, I know ghosts aren’t for everyone, which is why it falls into the horror category. Since this book is harder to find and is loosely a part of a series, I would get it from the library first to make sure you actually like it!

Awards & Nominations: 2014 Intermediate Sequoyah Masterlist, 2012 Oklahoma Book Award for Young Adult Fiction, 2012 Parent’s Choice Silver Award, 2012 SCBWI Crystal Kite Award Finalist, 2011 ABC New Voices Extended List.

Sonia Gensler can be found on her Facebook, on Twitter, and Instagram


The Official book trailer for The Revenant.

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The Summoning – Kelley Armstrong

Armstrong, K. (2009). The summoning. New York: HarperCollns. ISBN:978-0061450549. Paperback. $5.35.

Annotation: Chloe has been able to see ghosts she was little, but when she is sent to Lyle House she discovers that there is more to this world than ghosts.

Are you afraid of the dark? Perhaps your basement? Chloe is. And it isn’t because she’s afraid of what isn’t there, but because she knows exactly what is. After an incedent of talking to a ghost at school, Chloe is sent to Lyle House, for other disturbed teens. It’s there she discovers that maybe she isn’t Schizophrenic like she thought and maybe she isn’t the only one with a unique set of abilities. But the nurses and supervisors at Lyle House are up to something other than taking care of the misfit teenagers, and Chloe only knows that because the ghosts in the basement told her. Can Chloe forget her past and learn to be unafraid?

I love this series. I didn’t think I would because, as I said before, ghost stories aren’t generally my thing, but I am learning to love them. This book is the first of a trilogy and overarching world series of Kelley Armstrong known as the Otherworld. I think this is a great horror/paranormal introductory because it’s a “clean” read and the characters, plot, and world are really well developed. If teens like Cassandra Clare or Melissa Marr’s books, they’ll most likely enjoy Kelley Armstrong’s and can even read her adult series when they get older. This book is rather inexpensive, but could be picked up at the library since it is a part of series, especially if you are like me and are unsure about ghost stories.

Awards & Nominations: 2008 Kirkus Review – Children — Starred Review, 2011 Young Reader’s Choice Award — Senior/Grades 10-12 (Nominee), 2008 Sunburst Award – Young Adult.

You can find Kelley Twitter and on her Author Webpage. She is extremely nice and usually gets back to you if you message her or her assistant!


Here is the official book trailer for The Summoning:

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